Fully Managed Open-Source Databases

Fully Managed Open-Source Databases

Enable you to focus on your database-based applications.

CockroachDB   19.1 Community

As a distributed database, CockroachDB can realize data replication and fragmentation, and as a high-availability database, it can ensure the continuity of applications.

MySQL   Community 5.7 / 8.0

MySQL has been improved in terms of performance, security, and availability. It is suitable for application scenarios that require high performance and stricter security controls, such as web applications, e-commerce platforms.

MariaDB   10.5 Community

MariaDB includes a variety of advanced features and tools, such as high availability, partitioned tables, replication, backup, query optimizer, and more. In addition, it supports multiple programming languages and APIs, such as Java, C++, Python, PHP, etc.

PostgreSQL   15.2 / 14.7 / 13.5 / 12.7 / 11.12

PostgreSQL supports the SQL standard and provides many advanced features. Its open-source and free licenses make it the database of choice for many enterprises and developers.

SQL Server   2022 / 2019 / 2017 Express

SQL Server is a database server that can run on the Windows operating system and supports the SQL query language. It is suitable for beginners who develop and test applications and learn database management.

Redis   6.0 Community

Redis can be used as a single instance or a cluster of multiple Redis instances. It can also be used as the infrastructure for components, such as caches, message queues, and distributed locks.

Elasticsearch   7.10 Community

Elasticsearch can be used for log analysis and monitoring, enterprise search and information retrieval, product search and recommendation, geographic location search and map visualization, data analysis, and visualization, etc.

Oracle   11g XE

Oracle can be used for development and test environments. Common application scenarios include web applications, embedded systems, data storage and management for individuals or small businesses, etc.

Cassandra   3.11 Community

Cassandra uses a distributed architecture to improve data reliability and scalability, supporting horizontal expansion and high availability. Suitable for social networking, e-commerce, data analysis, and search engines.